God’s Answer

This poster summarises the Bible in a series of drawings.

It also contains 98 questions frequently asked about life, and answers are given from the Bible with scripture as reference.

It clearly shows the solar system that we live in as it was created by God, with the different time periods, and it also gives us a glimpse into the future with the Second Coming of Christ and the eternal banishment to hell.

Many people do not know the Bible or how to live by it in everyday life. This poster contains a great deal of information and it took more than six years to complete.

It is very informative, especially for children. Die idea is to place the poster in schools where children have no contact with Christianity. Children who do not fear God create enormous problems in our country. Violence and crime, especially murder, will only escalate in the future if Christians do not obey God’s command to spread the Gospel. We will be punished first because we are also guilty (Ezekiel 33:8-9).

SIZE: 1020mm x 720mm
PAPER: 139gsm Gloss