Heaven or Hell

This poster features life as a series of choices that either leads to heaven or hell. Featuring 26 journeys (A to Z), the poster illustrates the fact that it isn’t always easy to make the right choice. Every journey takes the character through various choices and life events that most young people and adults can relate to. While following these journeys, the reader learns that the path to heaven often involves saying NO to fun and good times, and YES to difficult challenges.

Every choice you make can either bring you closer to or further from the Lord’s warm embrace – or, in reality, the choice between heaven and hell. Supported by passages from the Bible, every choice that is made gives the reader an insight into WHY it is considered to be right or wrong.

This poster speaks to senior students and teenagers, and is ideal for use in a classroom or bible study setting. Using engaging illustrations and easy to understand journeys, the poster communicates the fact that, if you keep your eyes on the Lord, your name will be written in heaven.

SIZE: 720mm x 1020mm
PAPER: 139gsm Gloss