We want a life of fun

A spiritual leader has to find his own path

A poor woman chooses the narrow way

We make decisions that suit us best

We enjoy being part of the crowd

We are tired of listening to our parents

I don’t really believe God is my Saviour

We chase after excitement

We want to enjoy life together

We follow our political leaders blindly

We live life the way it suits us

We are Christians that choose the “narrow road”

I am a beautiful young woman that wants to enjoy life

A young lady wants to serve God, as taught by her parents.

A young couple chooses the broad road.

A young blond woman decides the broad road suits her better.

A family views the two roads, but the man chooses the broad road.

An overweight couple want to eat more and choose the broad road.

A selfish man knows the two roads but abuses his position.

A young, attractive woman seduces a young man on the broad road.

I don’t always make the right choices

A man knows the Bible and bows at the narrow port.

Two strong men and a woman says the narrow road is boring.

A young man accepts the devil’s offer “cash for your soul”.

A couple takes the narrow road as taught by their parents.

Select a character to discover where their decisions will lead them.

Advent 2000 Trust has one goal:

Spread the Word of God as far and wide as possible.

It all started in 1997 with the reintroduction of the Broad and Narrow Road poster with a few small but necessary changes. These include more “modern” depictions of sins on the broad road as well as an all important repentance path to the narrow road.

Through the years the Broad and Narrow Road poster has had many success stories but the younger demographic in South Africa was still in need of some all important guidance. The concept of the poster God’s Answer, to depict the whole Bible in a visual way, was born and with the help and influences of various people, the poster was finished in early 2012.

While the God’s Answer poster was being developed another concept saw the light namely, the Greatest Law. This eventually became 2 posters, one for pre & primary school children and one for high school children. These two posters were also finished in conjunction with God’s Answer.

The latest addition to our range of posters is Christ’s Command. It depicts the current state of the Christian church in our country and shows two possible futures for the church, depending on whether the command to make disciples of all nations is ignored or obeyed.

We at Advent 2000 Trust, are passionate about spreading God’s word. By doing this we can make a huge change in not only our immediate communities and but globally as well.